Artistic Woodworking and Marquetry

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Love Blossoms (27"W x 23"T) - marquetry inlaid into a solid sycamore, framed in African wenge: $2,000.00


Folding rocking chair made of beautiful ash, and decorated with serene rowboat marquetry.  Very comfortable. You will love the peaceful feeling of rocking in this one-of-kind chair. And you can easily take your favorite rocking chair with you from room to room, or to your vacation home. 33"L x 17"W x 38"H.  $1,400.

Zebrawood floating-top table with inlaid marquetry.  Each butterfly has 126 pieces of veneer (satinwood, paduk, dyed maple)  $7,500.00

Photo by Joe Wenninger

"Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay": Imagine sitting at the water's edge, the surf gently rises then recedes and leaves sand and air bubbles around the shells to truly instill the peacefulness and tranquility of sitting by the dock of the bay.  This one-of-a-kind Morris chair, made of Sapele, with inlayed marquetry (olive, tulipwood, bloodwood, birds eye maple, walnut, cherry, holly).  Upholstered in off-white canvas.  Matching ottoman included. $4,500.00

QualIty Photos by Frank Ritenour 


Beautiful handcrafted children's folding rocking chair made from alder and various inlayed with custom marquetry (various veneers).

Size: 25 1/4" T x 22" L x 12 3/8" W.  Olaf rocking chair: $350.00, Shell and rope inlay: $450.00

Graceful Elegance (25 1/2" x 25 1/2") marquetry of 1906 painting by Joaquin Sorolla – Walk on the beach. $2,000.00


Lathe-turned plate made of walnut and curly maple, with inlayed butterflies $500.00  SOLD

Radiant Splendor (19"W x 16 1/4"T) - sunset on the Superstition Mountains in Arizona: $1,000.00. SOLD