Product assembly: Infrared Sauna

Canarywood military retirement flag case

Custom bathroom vanity, designed & built

Ferrel cat safe haven (lid lifts for easy cleaning, step allows safety from coyotes, color-matched to house

BEFORE: Incomplete space

                 between vanities

Cherry dishwasher panel to match cabinets

Design and build of custom, walnut, parachute-locker stand

Design and built custom headboard and table

Artistic Woodworking and Marquetry

AFTER: Designed and custom built cabinet with 2 pullout drawers and with matching cabinet doors

Alcove with matching wood floor, frame, & plant stands

Front door: cracks repaired, and repainted

Wood floor:termite infested pieces removed. Cleaned up tongue and groove fitting. 

Repaired floor, stained to match (drying with weights) looking fabulous !!