Transformation required me to change my internal thoughts of regrets about the past and worrying about the future, to living and being present in the NOW moment. How does this happen? Start with

"Do what you Love, AND Love what you do!" Quoting Sir Ken Robinson from his book

"Finding Your Element", "Being in your element is where your natural aptitudes meet your personal passions". This is where the feeling of being on purpose and having personal fulfillment, meet.

How powerful to be "in the element", and use your God-given natural abilities in concert with your personal passion, and loving what you do!  Being in my element is creating beautiful furniture and marquetry art, that is you will love to display in your home.

And so it is that I have selected the butterfly as a symbol of transformation (as seen on the Zebrawood table on the Home Page).  Just like when the caterpillar thought it was over... transformation happened, and it became a butterfly.



After successfully walking through Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I've learned that true healing and transformation must come from within. For me, being cured of cancer through chemotherapy didn't address the root of the problem, which was dealing with stress. I believe, years of stress contributed and eventually manifested into a physical ailment. As Louise Hay says, "dis-ease" is created from our own thoughts.



Artistic Woodworking is a Veteran-owned business, and as an engineer, my heightened attention-to-details blends well well with my creativity to create beautiful art for your home.  I bring 20 years of woodworking experience to express furniture as art. Thriving on relationship building, I provide expertise in custom furniture, repair, and beautiful marquetry.




Artistic Woodworking and Marquetry